Ship Repair and Maintenance






Lodestar team and own workshop has begun to give service to marine sector with skilled engineers and service team. In addition to our workshop facilities we have the knowledge of ship and dry dock management system because of our vast experiences.

Services on Marine Sector

1- Maintenance Service at Everywhere in Türkiye
Lodestar service team has the capability to give service at the location of Vessel. In order To accomplish this task the service team has been equipped with portable machining tools and measurement equipment.

2- Workshop service located on Tuzla Shipyard area.
Summary of Job description:

  • Assenmbling / Disassembling of cylinderheads
  • Measuring of Cylinderhead components
  • Cleaning of cylinderhead in washing machine
  • Cleaning of valves in glass-blasting machine
  • Machining of Inlet & Exhaust seats Grinding of Inlet & Exhaust valves
  • Oversize application on Exhaust seat bores
  • Machining of cylinder head sealing surfaces
  • Replacement of Valve guides with Liquid nitrogen
  • Replacement of Inlet & Exhaust seats
  • Maintenance of Rotocaps
  • Reporting:

The maintenance on Cylinder liners can be done at Vessel or Lodestar Workshop. Summary of job description:

  • Assembling / disassembling of Cylinder Liners
  • Cleaning / Measuring of Liners
  • Erasing of Ovality, exhibits marks via honing with diamond stones on honing machine
  • The plateau honing for removing coarse Peaks in order to provide a good carrying Surface for piston rings
  • Machining of cylinder liner sealing surfaces
  • Measurement of Roughness & dimensions
  • Reporting The Quality control system via reporting method and Measurement record pages guarantee the excellent results of engine maintenance.

The cleaning of Charge air coolers are done in Ultrasonic tank of Lodestar workshop. Summary of job description:

  • Assembling / Disassembling of c.a.coolers
  • Maintaining of damage sections
  • Pressure water test
  • Painting
  • Reporting

Complete maintenance of Diesel engines of Gen-Set Units at Workshop or site. Summary of job description:

  • Assembling / Disassembling Diesel
  • Complete machining progress
  • Complete adjustments and measurements
  • Testing of Gen-set units Shop trial records
  • Reporting.