Levent Akson (CEO)

Captain Levent AKSON graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy in 1973.  After a period of eight years at sea he was granted a Master’s Certificate.

Between 1981-87 he was employed as a general manager in a major Turkish shipowning company and operated minimum 90,000 mtons crude oil and bulk carrier vessels.  In 1985 he studied the commercial operation of shipping at the city of London Polytechnic and graduated with distinction.

In 1987 he founded Polaris Shipping Ltd.   In association with one of the biggest foreign trade companies in Turkey he founded Polaris Chartering and Trading Co Inc where he had been the General Manager and shareholder till the end of 2006.  Between 2001-2016, he had performed the management (both technical and commercial) of various vessels, dwt of 8000 – 50000 mtons. At the present, Levent Akson is the Ceo of Lodestar Ship Management Company.